A Nice Cup of Coffee


We are in Ethiopia to report on the situation of the South Sudanese refugees who have fled their country to escape the civil war and all its grim consequences. However the terror in Paris has brought us enough grim stories. Therefor we thought it would be good to present something as nice and uncontroversial as a coffee ceremony. We haven’t forgotten our original agenda, and we will take you to the refugee camps for sure, but first let’s enjoy a nice cup of black, Ethiopian coffee together. Cheers!


22 Responses to “A Nice Cup of Coffee”

  1. […] I am still around in Ethiopia with my colleague, reporting from the critical situation in the refugee camps at the border of South Sudan. But in light of the terror in France, we have prepared something different today. For today’s blog, look here. […]

  2. Awesome!!!! All the best from Canada!!!!

  3. Great, sharing and freedom among peoples
    Nou are all Charlie !! Pat From France

  4. Thank you for this! 😀
    I think I would like to join a round like that myself 🙂
    Stay safe!

  5. I sure enjoy a good cup of coffee, especially with friends. the Ethiopians have got it right.

  6. humanizing beautiful people.

  7. Bellissima questa cerimonia del caffè, grazie Otto!
    Saluti, Patrizia

  8. Ask for coffee in Ethiopia, and you can be sure it will be made fresh!

  9. That’s a wonderful ceremony. You could almost smell the coffee as she was roasting the beans. Thank you.

  10. Great post. I do, however, have a couple of questions. First, I believe the video mentioned that this ceremony is a daily one. I am thinking about time. Am I wrong or do Ethiopians set aside daily time with family/friends much more than what I experience in the United States? And the second question goes to cost. Is coffee expensive or affordable in Ethiopia?

  11. Greetings From Ethiopia Deborah. Coffee ceremony can be done at anytime of the day. After breakfast, during lunch time, when you have guests or when you want to invite friends and neghbours. As an Ethiopian who also experianced the life in the states, i can say we do spend much more time with family and friends way more than in the US. The cost of coffee is increasing even in the local markets but it is still affordable for most people.

  12. Wonderful share, Otto. 🙂

  13. This certainly beats a drive-through Starbuck’s. Ethiopean Sidamo is one of my favorite coffees, but I didn’t realize there is a coffee ceremony there that resembles the tea ceremonies of the East. It’s a wonderful video, and a wonderful respite.

  14. By some coincidence I was listening to the Metropolitan Opera live broadcast of Aida on Saturday. Now your wonderful video brings images of actual living Ethiopians to my screen! Thanks so much, Otto. It’s always a caution to those of us in the overly hectic, overly cluttered West that there’s something to be said about taking the time for this sort of social ritual.

  15. Now that’s a coffee ceremony! Thanks for sharing. I feel strangely uplifted by this. Cheers.

  16. I knew the art of a tea ceremony, but thank you for introducing me to a coffee ceremony. Very nice, Otto!

  17. incredible how much we take for granted things like making a cup of coffee in an instant. Loved the video x

  18. Black gold indeed, what an absolute treat! Thank you!

  19. Excellent viewing. I knew something about Ethiopia and coffee, but not that they had this coffee ceremony. Thanks for showing it!

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