Back in Black

Back in Black

We are not Charlie, and to be perfectly honest we didn’t even know Charlie existed until we managed to get online and read the internet papers this morning. The attack in Paris is not only an attack on a French paper; it is an attack on democracy. And as journalists we feel the terrorism in France also is aimed at us. What is journalism without the freedom of expression? And what is democracy without journalism?

It’s a black day for all of us. Therefor we choose to post nothing but a black square today. It very much reflects our feelings, but no one should mistake it for a sign of surrender. We will never give up the fight for, and our obligation to do our job!

11 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. […] It’s a black day for all, included us in Ethiopia. Therefor we choose to post nothing but a black square today. Back in Black […]

  2. Pat Photography Says:

    Thank you for your support !! We are all Charlie, in defense of freedom of expression and republican values!

  3. Instance after instance of surveillance, censorship, and terror have taken place over the past years. All the while, those not directly affected often have chosen to turn away, saying, “It’s not my problem.”

    It is our problem, and it will require courage to confront it. Even here in the U.S., “political correctness” has become a thinly veiled disguise for censorship, and self-censorship is becoming more common. A society that engages in any form of censorship, or encourages self-censorship, is not a free society.

    My hope is that people will honor those who lost their lives with a renewed commitment to honest expression of personal values, and a willingness to defend the right of people to express opinions they may not agree with.

  4. Thank you for such a respectful, thoughtful post.

  5. Yes so true. It is an awful attack against freedom and democracy.

  6. Otto – thank you. I am sad. Blue. Black. I am not Charlie. But I am. I too did not know Charlie, but feel a deep trouble like the free world is failing so many people by not providing more options… or not enough options that our concept of freedoms are appreciated… I feel like in the States we’ve become too stratified… and also too defined by the ideologies of our own economic strata….and that there are versions of freedom that exist depending on your socio-economic status… and I wonder if we each worked toward opportunity for all, for freedom for all in ways that sprung from kindness and common ground rather than from differences and weapons – that the bridges between our economic status and heart status would grow stronger. I’ve been absent online since my return from Nepal since I’ve felt the call to volunteer for world peace in agencies like the American Field Service – founded by ambulance drivers from WW2 who chose to help the wounded rather than fight. When done, they vowed to work toward bringing the world closer together: one exchange student at a time… it’s a long process, but every heart we turn toward the good in the world, expands the world in the ways that a few blackened hearts can never take away. Thank you for a place to take this conversation. – Renee

  7. Well said, Otto

  8. Well stated — and with the perfect image for this situation.

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