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On demand

Hi, everybody! First of all let me apologise for the lack of posts the last few days. I have been moving from South Sudan to Kenya, and I don’t think you are too keen on hearing my stories from planes and hotel rooms. But, dear readers, tomorrow I am heading up to Kakuma, close to Turkana Lake, to meet the refugees who are coming over the border from South Sudan. I hope you are ready and willing to do a little experiment with me. I have never tried this before, but I want you to post me questions to ask the refugees I meet. I think you are a fairly well equipped with empathy, if not you wouldn’t be following this blog in the first place. Just remember that the simplest questions are often the best. I once wrote a story from a refugee-camp where I asked everybody the same question: When was your last happy moment in life. The answers were incredible. So, just go for it! Get inspiration by looking at this picture of Mary, her son Nyejany and Marys three younger sisters Elisabeth (with a brown skirt), Marita (in a blue dress) and Marsa (on the floor).


25 Responses to “Journalism on Demand”

  1. […] My good friend and colleague Øystein Mikalsen covering the hunger catastrophe in South Sudan has a special challenge for you all. He hopes you are ready and willing to do a little experiment with him, something he has never tried before. To see what the challenge is, please look up his latest post on our shared blog Untold Stories. […]

  2. First, respect for what you’re doing. Second; the first question that came to my mind was: ‘What is the dream closest to your hart’.

  3. Una domanda potrebbe essere: Sperate di tornare nella vostra terra e in che condizioni pensate di ritrovarla??
    Forse un po’ banale, ma non mi è venuto in mente altro!!

  4. Thank you for following this story and keeping us knowledgeable about it. My question would be “do you know that the world is watching and that there are people who care? And what do you want most to tell the world?”
    I guess that’s two questions, but so it goes.

  5. What do you dream about the most?

  6. “What is your untold story?”

    Safe travels and hopes go with you for change.

  7. I was less than 5 years old when my family was in a Displaced Persons camp at the end of WW II in Germany. My mom would never talk of those days. It might be a silly question, but I would like to ask a mother what she would want her children to know about their plight once they’ve survived the horror.

  8. Q: “After all that has happened to you do you still have hope? And if so, what is your hope?”


  9. “Where would you like to go?”. I expect that most of them would say back home, but would be interested in the response. MM 🍀

  10. I would like to know if they think the rest of the world cares or if we are indifferent and preoccupied with the monetary aspects of life. (I will follow you as I am new to this blog. It seems most interesting!)

  11. I think I would like to know what they tell their children. Do they spare them the truth at such a young age or do they let them into a world that is beyond their capacity (love, family, hope, joy). Thanks for doing all you do. While I have not been around a while I often think of your work. So glad I came by today.

  12. So many of the questions I want to ask have already been asked. I’m sorry, the only question I have left is long and wordy:

    As Kakuma has been in service for the past 22 years now, tries to support more than 138,000 refugees and there is no indication that its inhabitants can ever be safely repatriated to their homelands do you think it is possible to negotiate with Kenya’s federal or lesser governments (possibly with assistance from the UN or other congresses) to have the camp recognized as an official Kenyan village, and everyone there embark on a new mission to build this community socially, industrially and economically as a new people?

  13. I think you might get some interesting responses to this question:
    If you could have one thing today, and the one thing is whatever you want, and no one else would need to know what that one thing is, what is that one thing?

  14. “How do you deal with fear, and what do you fear the most?” This question hasn’t yet been asked.

  15. For the children: “What is your favorite memory of home”?
    For the adults: “What would you like the rest of the world to know about your journey”?

    These people & their stories matter

  16. I am sending love and much loving energy their way along with this my question:

    What is your everyday like since your started this journey?

  17. What are you still holding on to and what keeps you going ad dreaming?

  18. Hans-Egill Berven Says:

    What is it, from your home, that you miss the most?

  19. Have you ever had a home with a roof and walls? which leads on to the question……if so, when did you last see your home?

    Have you ever had a meal every single day?

    Do you remember a time when you weren’t thirsty and hungry?

  20. ruthrawls Says:

    “Who are your parents?”

  21. You already got many good questions. I only thank you for what you are doing.

  22. First of all, Thank you for what you’ve been doing.

    If I could ask them, my question would be: What will be your best wish to happen to your children?

  23. I feel such a grip on my heart reading your posts. Thank you. I would want to ask if they feel invisible to much of the world? Do they continue to feel hope. Maybe that’s two questions, but if they do feel there is little “care” coming from other places, where does hope come from. (You can do better with this question, I think.)

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