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In a refugee camp like Doro in South Sudan, you risk loosing your perspective seeing only hunger and apathy. That is when you have to change your focus, and start looking for faces that stand out in the mass. The refugees have more or less the same story to tell; they had to leave their homeland in search of security for themselves and their families. Now they are living here, in tents and small huts, hoping one day to be able to go back to where they came from. But there are other stories as well. 125.000 individual stories to be precise, of losses and victories, failure and success, of pride, of wishes and hopes. Have a closer look at these faces, and try to read the stories written in them. What strikes me when I look at them is what a total waste of human resources it is when people are forced to put their lives on hold like this.


17 Responses to “Faces”

  1. […] Øystein Mikalsen continues his reporting from South Sudan, this time mentally stepping a step and philosophizing about fates and faces. Look up his latest post. […]

  2. Allen Capoferri Says:

    Interesting how each one tells a different story. Wonderful if sad.

  3. Tante espressioni, ognuna con la propria storia!!!

  4. Exactly – we put our faith in money, success, or religion. Our faith should be in one another and our common humanity on this one earth. These are powerful photos of beautiful people. Thanks for raising awareness of the critical situation arising in South Sudan..

  5. Every one of these faces tells a story. Some are tragic and yet some still seem to have hope in them.

  6. It is amazing to see what looks like hope in some of these faces despite incredibly tragic stories. Thank you very much for sharing.

  7. Wayne rivers Says:

    These faces should talk to every one who sees them and the words should be why? Thanks wayne

  8. That top photo captured my attention in a way that it hasn’t been captured in a long time and left me wondering so many things about this person’s life. Good job!

  9. the third photo triggered a long pause for me; she’s proud and noble with her jaw set —that photo/portrait speaks volumes… such dignity – thank you so much for bringing their world to us, so that weawaken. z

  10. These are amazing pictures. Did you take them? What is your work?

  11. Hi everybody, and thanks for all the nice words! these are indeed my own pictures. It is so inspiring to get feedback from all of you. it is so important to know that thee are people out there capable of caring for other people.
    I just sold a story to the online version of one of the biggest Norwegian newspapers (Dagbaldet.no). Apparently it wasn’t important enough, a few hours after publishing it was pushed down to the bottom of the page – under a very important tomato ketchup-test…

  12. I can also see stories behind this project you’ve undertaken. Unspoken ones, countless ones. You inspire.

  13. Wonderful portraits.

  14. Really powerful photos of strong and beautiful people. You provide a really insistent message in your “untold stories” and faces, that remind me very poignantly that there are people with life simply put on hold–recalling your words. I don’t even enjoy losing time while waiting in a long line. I’m very moved, as I have been with each of the recent posts. I admire the work you do.

  15. The second shot I just find fascinating…wonderful portraits, emotions.

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