The Last Man Standing







Den 31 fot lange skøyten til Arve Frivik stevner inn Sognefjorden

Arve Fiskvik is one of the last fishermen doing the traditional fjord fisheries in Norway. He is still making a living of the natural seafood resources in Sognefjorden – the longest fjord in Norway. But the livelihood is almost gone.

For only a generation ago the fisheries in the fjords of Norway constituted an essential basis for settlements along the fjords. In former times virtually every farm along the fjords had a boat, and fishing was both providing food on the plate as well as being an extra and welcomed income source.

Today the once rich fjord fisheries are as good as gone. Where in former times Sognefjorden could be thick with fishing boats, the fjord is now virtually blank. Only one fisherman still keeps up with the traditions.

– Before we were many fishing in the fjord, but the last two years I have been alone, admits Arve Frivik. He has been fishing since he was a boy and owned numerous boats. He just can’t keep away from the sea no matter how the weather is. He has accepted he is the last fisherman in Sognefjorden. When he quits a traditional livelihood will disappear with him.


15 Responses to “The Last Man Standing”

  1. The path of the current ways of the world is sometimes hard to understand.

  2. i wasn’t expecting this particular outcome to the story! I think sometimes I’m tremendously naïve about the way industries and resources are being lost around the world. On some level of course I know it, but sharing a personal story brings it home in a very real way. What a powerful story here!

  3. […] For the full story go to Øystein & Otto’s Blog […]

  4. there is a kind of melancholy in his eyes. Or maybe it’s me who sees it. The world around us changes, we like it or not and many traditions are going to be only memories.
    PS: excellent photos!

  5. How sad. I hate to see such a tradition of a peoples culture die like this. He will have lots of tales to tell and I hope someone is listening and making note of them. Only the stories will be left when he is gone.

  6. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) Says:

    Very sad to read this story. Once the seas are fished out and the farmers can’t make a living from the land, where’s all out food going to come from (is what I ask)?

  7. The industrialisation of fishing has such sad consequences and I hope Arve’s love, and patience, of the sea is rewarded again before too long. Beautiful, haunting shots.

  8. Glad you captured a bit of his story. Wonderful images!

  9. A beautiful series of images of this man and his environment. What a shame that this tradition will be done away with in the future…

  10. how very sad to see culture slowly die out. maybe i missed it in your text but, is this way of life ending because of diminished fish population or because large businesses have taken over or both? i think Mr. Fiskvik deserves big HUGS! great photographs…especially like the lobster ones. ☺

  11. Very sad to read this story.The industrialisation of fishing has such sad consequences and I hope Arve’s love, and patience, of the sea is rewarded again before too long.

  12. “Too much work and not enough income”…sounds like the plight of the small family farmer too. So sorry to hear this….he has the sea in his blood… wonderful photos illustrating his way of life.

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