New Day, New Challenges

It’s weird to be skimming through the online newspapers after a week in a refugee camp in the desert. VG, the biggest Norwegian paper gives the readers a shocking story about how kids queuing up for a Justin Bieber concert made congestion on roof of the opera house in Oslo. On top of that half the Norwegian population seems to be on strike these days (that figures, after all we’re the richest country in the world, with nothing more than water and bread crumbs to live of). Farsunds Avis, in the southern part of the country, has a report on the theft of 10 (or maybe even 11) wooden sleepers (you know, the solid beams that lay under railroad-tracks), belonging to the Norwegian state-owned railroad-company. According to the paper each beam was 3.5 meters long. The local police have no suspects at the moment, but the hunt is still on!

We’re sure the landmine-victims, the unemployed, the widows, the starving children, the prisoners, the traumatized war-veterans and all the other Saharawians would understand why Norwegian, or international media for that matter, can’t report much from their region. We have too many problems of our own to handle.

Yes, we know people back home can’t forget their own problems just because someone else’s problems are bigger. We also know that we’ll start whining ourselves as soon as we have washed the sand of our clothes, and everyday life is over us. We’ll whine about the price of petrol. We’ll sure whine about the stupid law stating that you can’t buy beer in the shops after 8 pm. We’ll whine about the weather and we’ll definitely whine about the f*****g neighbour (why can’t he turn the music down after midnight).

We want to use our blog to open people’s eyes, forcing them, and ourselves, to see further than their/our own back yard.

Thanks’ for following our trip. We hope to see you again next time we’re leaving the railroad sleeper-thieves behind and head for the world.
Till then – b good!

19 Responses to “New Day, New Challenges”

  1. We do have huge problems compared to that of sheer survival of these hardy people, don’t we? Thanks for this series, which gave a glimpse into the lives of some of the worst affected sections of humanity.

  2. Fantastic reporting Munchow and Oystein Og Otto-a real eye-opener. I know it is all so huge, but one person can make a difference and you have made a difference. Thanks for sharing and helping me get some perspective on my life and the lives of others.

  3. You two are so right about the contrast here and there. And I know the chock when you return from somewere and read the so called news in the newspaper at home. It is all trifles more or less. Good luch with important reportage fra Sahara!

  4. Thank you both so much for giving us the opportunity to follow your travels through this incredible region. That such a large refugee population remains so determined in the face of such adversity is truly inspiring. Best wishes to you for getting the word out on a much broader scale and well done to you both for getting that sand between your toes!

  5. I appreciate your journey because it lets me see things I will never see otherwise. The stories of the individual people touch me, and seeing their photos make those people more real. Wonderful effort and much needed in the world!

  6. Michelle Gillies Says:

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride. It was an eye opener.

  7. How great it was to follow your trail and see through your eyes/lens. Thanks, Z

  8. It seems odd that people would steal railroad ties. Someone must be building a barn.

  9. Thank you for this series of posts. Both eye opening and heart expanding.

  10. As I said once before it seems odd to click the ‘like’ button. But it was good to follow your travels through words and images. Thank you

  11. Thanks for a glimpse of your travels…so rich and meaningful compared to the gripes of the Western world….

  12. Ah yes … our self-centered nature. Well done Otto!

  13. Got that…oh, no beer after 8pm—sorry, gotta go whine!
    hehe, but your note on using our blogs to further educate others away from their own back yards is an excellent inspiration and goal to work on. Thanks!

  14. ahmed labat Says:

    excelent work many thanks my friends

  15. Yours is a well-traveled perspective. Thank you for underscoring how that changes depending on which latitude or longitude you sit. You guys are great! – Renee

  16. Michaele Plackett Says:

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  17. This is what I love about the Continent. Whenever I visit, it shapes my perspective in a very sharp way. All the nonsense I fret over in the West, drop away… TY!

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