Confessions of a Fake Reporter

Touring Norway in the name of journalism is a potentially hazardous activity. Last night we were reported to the police, and this morning we made headlines in the local paper Opdalingen.

Those of you who read yesterday’s post about Oddvar (92) will probably recall that the man wasn’t hearing too well. Unfortunately we didn’t realize how bad his hearing was.

This morning we got a call from Alexandra Beverfjord, sub editor of Dagbladet.

«Did you guys burst into the home of an old couple in Opdal yesterday?»

«We did interview an old man in Opdal, but we were invited in, did our job, and left again without any drama what so ever»

«According to the old man you acted funny, didn’t ask him to many questions and spent a lot of time taking pictures of his safe»

«WHAT??!?? We didn’t even know he had a safe. We took pictures of him in his living room, and in his kitchen»

«He told the police that you paid a lot of attention to his safe. And that is also the top story on»

«OK, thanks for telling me. I think we have a few phone calls to make – and a web-page to check out» June 13th, at 11.57:
«This is completely unacceptable, Dagbladet says about the fake reporters who tricked their way into the house of an old man by pretending to be sent by Dagbladet».

Two phonecalls later we get hold of Oddvar’s grandchild Siri Hoel. She explains that her grandfather was left with a feeling that something was wrong. He called the police, who promised to take action as “this might be burglars doing field research before striking against the home of the harmless old colple”.

Reporter Siri Storløkken of Opdalingen smelled blood when she contacted the local police to find out if anything was cooking on a quiet Sunday. Fake reporters taking pictures of safes! Hallelujah! (Fortunately Storløkken didn’t know that I am wearing two golden earrings, are tanned, tattooed, and 25 percent gypsy!) Storløkken called Dagbladet. The people at the news desk in Oslo didn’t know of any reporters in Opdal and told the local reporter that they found it completely unacceptable that “someone” were claiming to be from Dagbladet when in fact they weren’t.


Fortunately the misunderstanding is (flooded) water under the bridge, and Opdalingen has corrected their story…


3 Responses to “Confessions of a Fake Reporter”

  1. This sounds worse than Baghdad. I was never accused of being a burglar just a spy… This is definitively a new “Norge” joke….. And Otto I thought you were reputable. I hope I will forever be SAFE from your pictures…..

  2. munchow Says:

    This is no joke. Burglary is serious business. Take a couple of pictures at your home, and I’ll make it safe anytime…

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