After the flood

The radio newsflash brought dramatic stories of pouring rain and flooding rivers. Every hour we got updates. Roads were blocked by landslides, bridges were closed because the police were afraid they would be washed away by the roaring rivers. Norway east of Langfjella was paralyzed, and we were shaking our heads. «It’s funny how the eastern part of the country collapses due to a few raindrops», Otto says with a smile on his face. Otto is from Bergen – the west-coast town where kids are born with gills to be able to survive the water that constantly comes pouring out of the dark clouds that never leave.

The joke gets funnier as the water rises, and the radio-reporters lose their voices after increasingly dramatic reports. We were convinced that the problems would be over by the time we headed east. We were wrong!

It seemed pretty normal when we arrived at Dombås from Åndalsnes, and headed North on E6. It was 30 minutes past midnight and we were heading for Granmo Camping in Oppdal. We found cabin 9, and went straight to bed. The next morning the landlady wanted to know where we were heading next.

«South on RV3», I answered.

«In your dreams, darling», she replied.

«Bouth E6 and RV3 (the two major roads connecting Oslo to Trondheim and the Northern parts of the country) southbound is still blocked several places. Now the water-level in the river Driva is sinking. Two days ago you would have needed a canoe to get from the reception and over to your cabin. Farmers have lost entire fields, houses have been washed off their foundations and several roads will be blocked for days to come»

Ruth Nina Helve (59) smiles as she tells us about her dramatic weekend managing Granmo Camping. «It is my nephew and his wife who own this place, but they asked me to mind the shop this weekend. It was just my luck that we got the worst rains since 1968 the day my nephew left. We watched the water rise, and hoped it would stop, but when it reached the parking lot for the trailer homes we had to take action. Fortunately a friend of mine had a big truck, strong enough to pull the trailer homes out of the mud», Ruth says, and adds that the weather forecast looks promising.

«My only challenge now is to find side-roads that can take my guests past the landslides and the blocked roads»

The map is still folded out after the last customer and Ruth points out a route for us, taking us into Sweden for a few mils before reentering into the Norwegian swamps.

The good thing about starring in your own road movie is that the journey is more important than the route.

Sweden here we come!


One Response to “After the flood”

  1. Øystein M Says:

    We have to apologize for our previous post to those of you who don’t understand Norwegian. The essence of that very long post is that we had dinner at the worst restaurant in Norway. Stay away from Stryn Hotel, and you are good.

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