Hands to work, Hearts to God

«How I feel about being America? Well, what can I say, I have never been anything but American», Timothy Carri says, and sips his coffee. Tim and his wife Diane are having their breakfast at Mel’s drive in, San Francisco.

«I guess I am proud of my country and what it stands for. I definitely am a patriot».

«What is the secret of the American success?»
«There ain’t no secret. It’s all about getting up in the morning and working hard», Tim explains and harpoons a potato with his fork. The native San Franciscan works as an auto mechanic and a bus driver.

«So what makes you proud?»
«I am proud of myself. I am proud of how I contribute to my country’s welfare. I am proud of how I am able to take good care of my family».
«It’s hard», Tim admits, «but it’s the only way to make it in this country».

Diane isn’t quite as enthusiastic as her husband.
«I don’t think of myself as a patriot. I am an armed guard, and work hard too. But to me hard work and long hours is just a question of doing what you have to do. I don’t think everybody can make it in the USA, even if they do work hard».

Tim agrees. «A child from a poor family haven’t got the same opportunities as kids in well off families. Fortunately I am able to give my children good educations, but there are lots of families who aren’t that fortunate».

Even though the economy and the Iraq war are worrying him, Tim thinks his country will be able to rise again.
«To me Barac Obama is good news. Things have been, and will always be going up and down, but I think the changes he makes are for the better. It just takes time».

«I don’t know what to think. The only thing we can do is to leave it in the hands of God and hope he will help us».

Tim was raised by the motto: Hands to work, Hearts to God, and has lived by that ever since. In his opinion those are rules that more people should follow.
«The increasing number of people who lives off the government worries me. What this country needs, are more people who get up in the morning and goes to work. More people like me!».


One Response to “Hands to work, Hearts to God”

  1. I drive by that Mel’s Drive in all the time on
    my way to my studio.

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