The American playwright Wilson Mizner once said that «Gambling is the sure way of getting nothing from something»

Karen couldn’t agree more. The 35 year old is a cocktail waitress in a Las Vegas casino.
«I see people gambling away their life at the Blackjack tables almost every day», Karen tells us, and pushes the button that makes the reels of her slot machine spin. She waits until they stop before she continues:

«I don’t think much of my country any more, because of all the broken dreams it produces. The American economy worries me, as does the unemployment. People try to compensate their misery at the casino tables, and end up even more miserable».

Karen’s job is to get the customers to drink more. The more they drink, the worse they play, and the more they end up loosing.

It definitely is paradox that a person, who feels sorry for those who loose, is earning her money by helping the casino to skin the gamblers. But Karen doesn’t have much of a choice. Quitting her job is just not an option in a city where unemployment is on the rise.

«The idea of America being a country where everyone can make it is nothing but an illusion», Karen says and pushes the slot machine button again. Maybe it’s her turn this time…


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