The best Country in the World

Margaret Blatman smiles when we ask her for an interview. The old polish immigrant is waiting for the bus, and assures us she has got all the time in the world.
«I’d love to tell you how I feel about America. My bus is here any minute, but I can wait for the next one, if need be», Margaret assures us.

The Jewish lady moved to San Francisco after World War II. She was one of the 65,000 survivors from Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp that killed more than 1,5 million people.

«There was nothing left for me in Europe. The Germans killed my parents and my siblings», Margaret tells us and shakes her head.
«Luckily I met my husband a few weeks after I was set free. He was already on his way to the states, and asked me to join him».

Life was hard, but the Blatmans got by. Margaret still remembers how lucky she and her newly wed husband felt when they spent 25 cent of their saving to go on honeymoon, by bus. Margaret started working as a medical lab technician, and slowly but surely their economical situation improved.

«That’s what I really love about this country. If you do your best you can make it, no matter whom you are or where you come from. There is only one good answer to you question: America is the best country in the world», Margaret says, as bus 28 approaches.


One Response to “The best Country in the World”

  1. Thank you for this interview of Margaret. I know her and was missing her as I sit in my living room in Berlin. Such a cute picture of her.

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