In God we trust

Bryce (22) and Olivia Undhardt (20) got married the day before we met them. The couple were on their way to Long Beach California to have a few days of honeymoon before going back to St. George Utah.

«We love this country and what it stands for», Bryce says. «Surely a lot of improvement can be made, but at the end of the day we feel tat this is the best country in the world. The country were we want to live and bring up our children.»

«This country guarantees us freedom», Olivia adds. «No one tells us how to live our life, what religion to believe in, or who to marry, for that matter». Olivia’s dad is a soldier and has served his country, both in Afghanistan and Iraq. Olivia has great respect for the job the American troops are doing abroad.

«Unfortunately some politicians are trying to limit our beloved American freedom», Bryce says. «They are making a lot of rules and regulations these days. In California, for example the freedom to carry guns is almost gone. They take away peoples freedom to defend themselves. The bad guys will still have weapons, and if normal, God fearing, law obeying citizens can’t have them any more, the only persons benefiting from such regulations are the bad guys».

The young couple got married in the Mormon temple in St. George.
«It was such a great moment when we stood before the priest and he asked if I would take Bryce to be my husband before God and his angels and all the witnesses who were present in the Temple».

«In god we trust», Bryce assures us.


2 Responses to “In God we trust”

  1. Malin Wahlstedt Says:

    They all say “nobody tells you how to live your life” etc – but is that the picture they have of the rest of the world?

  2. This is an interesting questing. The reality is that most people we have spoken too have not been outside of the USA, hardly much around in their own country. They basicly don’t have a clue to what’s going on out there. I even think it’s fair to say that most don’t even care about the rest of the world. Those few who expresses any opinion, mostly say that people not living in the US, want to come here.

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