The only Nolans in Dolan

«Sure you can take our picture», Fred Nolan says and ties his dirty, blue bandana harder around his head.

«Cathy! Come on out here and get you picture taken. These guys would like to have a picture of the only Nolan’s in Dolan». Cathy turns off the vacuum cleaner and joins her husband.

«Oh, we are really proud to be Americans», Fred assures us.

The sun is about to set and a long day of work is coming to an end for the Nolan’s as they pose happily outside the small Baptist church in Dolan Springs Arizona.

«We clean the church every Saturday to prepare it for Sunday mass», Fred explains. He and Catherine moved to this little town in Mohave county Arizona after retiring from the Hollywood film industry a few years ago. Fred was a dolly grip (operating the camera dolly) and his beloved wife worked in costumes. The Nolan’s have been part of the crew in movies like Armageddon and Colors, and a number of other Hollywood productions.

«When we retired we wanted to move somewhere peaceful, so we chose Mohave county, to be close to where my Indian ancestors used to live», Fred tells us.

Even though retired the Nolan’s are still very active. They are both engaged in the local Baptist church and they use their truck to transport water to the households of Dolan Springs. Fred is also taking on maintenance work, and he is teaching the gospel in the local Sunday school.

«I guess I always have had different jobs ever since I started working as a roadie for Janis Joplin back in the 60’s».

«So what makes you so proud about America?»

«Freedom of religion», Katherine says without hesitation.

«It has a lot of great qualities, and greatest of them all is our freedom», Fred adds. «But right now some serious changes are needed. Before people used to say love it, or leave it. I think it is more a question of change it, or loose it»

«What is wrong these days then?»

«Unfortunately the list is long. One example is how the government spends more money building prisons than schools. How can we expect this country to blossom if we arrest young people in stead of educating them?»


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