The Patriot 2

«I love being American», Phillip Cervantes (49) says and puts down the 50lb dumbbells after a hard set of biceps curl.

«Where does all this love come from?»

«Well, my mom always told me to be a patriot, and I guess I always have followed her advice», Phillip smiles and grabs hold of the weights again, ready for another set. Phillip works as an engineer in Tucon Arizona, and truly loves his job.

«Before I was pouring concrete, earning shitty wages. The work was easy and no one would say anything if I smoked a joint or drank a few beers when I was working. America gives me the freedom to choose either the well paid job I have now, where I would be sacked for smoking weed during work hours or the concrete pouring job where anything goes as long as you keep pouring».

Phillip has never been outside the USA except for the occasional trips down to Mexico to buy cheap cigarettes that can be sold with good profit north of the border.

«I really love America and the freedom it guarantees me», Phillip repeats.

«I’m not stupid, and understand that some of the stuff Fox News tells us probably is propaganda. But I am still convinced that this country is the best in the world. People who don’t agree have got the freedom to say so. They have also got the freedom to move to China, if that makes them feel better».


3 Responses to “The Patriot 2”

  1. Malin Wahlstedt Says:

    This is interesting. If you’re not through with the Americans’ self image, ask them how they think the rest of the world regards them… And if they feel they are citizens of the World or just of the USA. If they feel it’s a responsability to be aware of the rest of the world – as I see it we do. Maybe not all Europeans but maybe more in small countries like ours?

    (Am I the only one following your blog???)

  2. Hi Malin,
    Thanks for the great input to our approach. We will definitely discuss your suggestions and see how they fit into our idea of this blog. And by the way, quite a few people follow the blog, even though we haven’t been able to create a lively discussion so far.

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