The Patriot 1

Brandi Mcfarland (35) smiles when she hears the question, and answers without hesitation: «I love being American, and wouldn’t be anything else».


«I could come up with a number of reasons. Just look at how women are treated, for example in Iraq. Here I can do what I want, and talk to whoever I want», Brandi says. The single mother of three moved to Rio Rico Arizona from New Orleans and loves the peace and quiet of the small desert town.

«Does the weak US economy worry you?»

«No, it doesn’t. The economy always goes up and down. Things will eventually get better. I was brought up to be a patriot. Brought up to believe that my country can overcome just about any challenge. I have even got an American flag hanging in my back yard. I am trying to pass my patriotism on to my children, and think I have succeeded, at least with my eldest son. He really loves and his country and can tell you the name of every president this country has had, since the days of George Washington.


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