Knocking on Heaven’s Door

«I’ll keep on trying until i get across. It is unbearable to know that
my two sons (four and fourteen years old) are on the other side of that fence»

Margarita (39) doesn’t even try to hide the tears. Three times she has
tried to cross the last month and three times she has been caught and
deported. Next time she is caught she’ll go to jail in the USA.

We’ll save the rest of Margarita’s dramatic story for a publication that
pays us to present it … Her failed attempt to cross the desert is
heartbreaking, but not unique. Last year the Arizona border patrol
caught and deported some 241.000 illegal immigrants. People keep coming regardless of economic problems in USA. «The Land of the Free» is like a magnet to a lot of Mexicans and other Latin Americans.

The US authorities are doing their best to stop this flood of people. A
385 mile (619 km) fence is running all along the southern border of
Arizona, dividing the USA and Mexico. Border patrol, the National Guard, police and personnel from the sheriff’s office are guarding the desert, trying to find and deport illegal aliens.

Sgt. Patrick Mange is searching the arid landscape for suspicious
movement through his binoculars. The National Guard sergeant has three men under his command, posted in the desert to help Border Patrol doing their job.

«It’s been quiet today, but yesterday we spotted eight guys trying to
sneak in. When they were searched it turned out that they were carrying 500 pounds (226 kg) of marihuana between them.»

Patrick understands that poor people from Latin America are trying to
enter into the USA. It is the drug smugglers and the criminals he doesn’t like. «Our instructions are to look for any one who is entering
illegally. We do what we have to do, but I understand that poor people will try their best to enter my country», the young man form Tucson says.

«I really love my country», Patrick tells us. « I have served my country
in Iraq, I am serving it here in the Arizona desert, and I’ll keep on
serving it until I am retired».

Patrick is not the only patriot we have come across. In fact we haven’t
met any US citizen so far on this trip who doesn’t tell us that he or
she loves their country. When we ask why all of them give us the same reason: «Freedom». How do they know? Who told them? This is what we’ll try to find out next time someone mentions the word «Freedom».

Later this afternoon we’ll hit the road and use our freedom to drive
north towards Las Vegas. Join us for the ride!


One Response to “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

  1. Malin Wahlstedt Says:

    I’m looking forward to a deeper search through that self-image! It might leave them disappointed but us a little less confused….

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