The American Way

We’re now in Tucson Arizona, an hour’s drive from the Mexican border. So far we have only seen roads, drive-in restaurants and petrol stations. The work will start later this afternoon, but the 2000 plus kilometre drive down from Seattle has given us plenty of time to reflect on our own feelings about the USA.

It is definitely a love-hate relationship. We love Sally and her 305 horsepower engine; we love it when Bruce Springsteen sings to us as we approach Los Angeles on a six + six lane highway. We love to read the road signs that point out directions for Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard. We love the giant chocolate milkshakes from McDonalds and the dead presidents who look at us from the dollar bills.

On the other hand we don’t think much of American warfare. We shake our heads when we se the mega fat people, who are about to eat themselves to death. We think it is absurd that the roads are packed with enormous cars with only one person in each. We feel sorry for all the people who are suffering because of the economic problems. We find it strange that the land of the free has so many rules and regulations. We hate to get our breakfast served in disposable styrofoam cups and styrofoam plates, with plastic cutlery. The list is almost endless.

The only person we have spoken to so far about the current state of States is the lady who sold us a cell phone in Stockton CA. She was loud and clear when she expressed her feeling about her county: «I’m tellin’ you boys: This country ain’t nothin’ but a big bunch of lies». She was seriously worried about the economy and the consequences the USA will face. Debt, unemployment and depression don’t mix well with the image of a free, strong and independent country.

Well, that’s it for now. We’ll just stock up on sunscreen and water and hit the road. Next time you hear from us, it won’t be us, but the inhabitants of the border-town Nogales who will speak their minds. Unless any of you want to speak your mind in the meantime. After all this is a blog 😉


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