The Hunt for America

Two guys, one car and plenty of questions. That’s the core of this project.

The guys are Otto von Münchow (photographer) and Øystein Mikalsen (journalist). The red (!) car is called Sally. She has no roof, but a lot of engine instead. The questions are aimed at Americans to make them express their true feelings about their own country.

We are writing this early in the morning in our room at HI Express, an hour’s drive south of Sacramento California. We started our search for America in Seattle yesterday morning and drove approximately half the length of the USA in one long day.

We are on our way down to the Mexican border. We will try to get in touch with illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries to ask them how they feel about the United States of America.

After a few days on the border we’ll head north through Arizona, stopping where- and whenever we find someone or something to report that can bring us closer to the Americans’s feeling about their own country. A few years ago this trip probably would have been fairly uninteresting as people probably would have been perfectly happy with the land of the free. Now the tables have turned: American economy is in a terrible condition, unemployment rates are rising, the US troops are currently withdrawing from Iraq without achieving much. How does all this affect the American self confidence?

The hunt for answers has begun. Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “The Hunt for America”

  1. Stig Hoff Says:


    Tøft bilde!

    Exif-data sier brennvidde 5,1!
    Men det kan vel ikke stemme? Hva slags objektiv?


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